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5 Tips To Help You Recognize Fake Gadgets

Manufacturers are always fighting copycats who distribute counterfeit merchandise under the trademarks of famous brands, from android watches to mobile phones and gaming consoles.

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Every year, thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits are filed by original rights owners against others who seek to profit from intellectual property of other people and customers’ lack thereof. It’s essential to be aware of how to avoid being deceived when purchasing a product online. This is true even if you are in direct physical contact with the product. Let’s look at some easy ways to identify a fake gadget.

Packaging of poor quality

Original manufacturers pay attention to every detail when their products leave their stores and reach their customers. Each box that your new iPhone or Xbox comes in is meticulously designed and manufactured under strict quality control. Poor grammar and punctuation, incorrect shape or dimension of the packaging, and use of different colors and typography all indicate that there is something wrong with the product. Before you buy, ensure that you inspect the packaging and verify all details.

User manual

You must know how to properly use a product before you can use it. A user manual should be included with every gadget. It should include instructions on how to use it safely, how to set it up, maintenance information, as well as any other pertinent data. If the User Manual isn’t available, it is most likely that you are dealing with a counterfeit product. If the instructions aren’t available in your language, the product may be smuggled, or a copy of an original product. If the copycats managed to hire a proofreading and translating service such as Rush My Essay to create a user guide content in their language using proper grammar and spelling, then you can check if your original gadget is still in your hands. There’s a good chance that your product’s buttons and the layout of the User manual don’t match.

The materials’ quality

We have already mentioned that the production process is strict and the quality standards high. There is no room to make mistakes when it comes down to well-known brands. A product that does not meet quality standards will never be allowed to leave the factory by the quality department. If you find that your product isn’t made from the right material, or that there are gaps that don’t match or buttons that are too loose, it’s likely that you have a problem.

Discounts that aren’t logical

You may find an offer to purchase a new product at a discount rate that is higher than the average (e.g. You are most likely dealing with a scam or a fake gadget. Don’t believe that you can’t be tricked just because you are in a secure area. Apple discovered that 90% of accessories sold by Amazon were imitations of original Apple products a few years back. You should also look for outside reviews and other sources to confirm the validity of the offer. If you don’t have the proof, you might pass on an offer to purchase a $800 product for $120. This would be a deal that is not valid.

Flawed brand or trademark name

A old episode from The Simpsons shows Bart and Homer going into a store to purchase a TV. However, Homer doesn’t realize that most of the low-priced brands are simply knockoffs with misspelled names. Although we all can recognize a genuine Sony from the moment we see it, it is a good idea to look at the logo design and brand font and color. A discolored logo, misprinted letters, or an unexacting symbol will make it difficult to purchase a genuine product.


Large corporate brands as well as small and medium-sized businesses can provide a great user experience. It starts with the first contact and continues long after the customer makes a purchase. Legitimate shops will only deliver high-quality products in impeccable packaging.