9 Cool Car Accessories and Gadgets for Less Than $50

These products are affordable and can be added to any vehicle.

You can personalize your vehicle with accessories, whether you’re a new owner or someone who has outgrown your car’s original scent. These gadgets will make your car a lot more enjoyable to drive. Some are designed to add modern functionality to older cars, while others can be used in any vehicle. They all cost less than $50. These cool items will make your time behind the wheel more enjoyable.

1) Wsiiroon Interior LED Lights

Interior ambient lighting is becoming more popular in new vehicles. Some even allow you to choose the colors you prefer. Multicolor LED strips can be used in any vehicle with a 12-volt outlet. You can choose from eight color options using the included remote control or your voice. Or, you can set the lights to change colors based on your music. To secure the lights, double-sided tape made from 3M is available.

2) Comsoon Bluetooth Adapter

This adapter is a great option for car owners with an auxiliary port but no Bluetooth streaming. It is easy to charge the adapter (or connect it directly to your car’s battery) and plug it into your aux port. Then, pair your phone with it. The adapter can be used to stream high-quality audio and make phone calls with its microphone. Why would anyone need a Bluetooth-enabled, fancy radio when they can have one?

3) Amber Exterior LED Light Kit

Many drivers consider the vehicle’s exterior appearance to be just as important as its performance. Some drivers need additional lighting to make their vehicles visible at night. We recommend Ampper exterior LED lights for either one of these needs. These waterproof lights are available in packs of 2, 4, or 6. They can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle and used in all weather conditions. These lights are not designed to be used as driving lights but can be used as puddle lights. They are available in yellow, green, red and white. If you are unsure if you can do the job, a professional installer should be able to wire the lights to your vehicle’s electric system.

4) Shynerk Rear-Facing Car-Seat Mirror

Hauling precious cargo? Do you have a baby on board? The handy mirror allows you to see your baby in the rear-facing infant seat without straining your neck. The mirror is convex and shatterproof glass. It mounts on the rear-facing infant seat headrest and pivots so you can see your child from the rearview mirror. It is simple, smart, and affordable.

5) ThisWorx Portable CarVacuum

An in-vehicle vacuum is a great way to clean your car, whether you have pets or children. ThisWorx’s model plugs into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet. It also has a 16-foot-long cord, ideal for cleaning a sports car or minivan. The attachments include a spare filter and a brush. Get out there now and clean up the mess!

6) Foval 110V AC Power Inverter

Some new cars have a wall-style AC outlet, but almost all cars have a 12-volt outlet. The inverter converts the 12-volt outlet to a 110-volt one for $17. This inverter provides one plug and 150 watts. Other models can have more plugs or power output for an additional cost. This inverter also has two USB ports that can fast-charge at 3.1 amps. This is a great value for money.

7) Depstech Wireless Endoscope

It’s easy to lose something in your car’s dark corners or crannies, which can make a quick repair into an hour-long job. The multiple attachments of the Depstech wireless endoscope will help you find that 10-millimeter socket that was dropped. The scope can be used to inspect cylinder walls and hidden electrical connections for those more technically inclined. The scope works wirelessly and projects the image from its tiny camera onto your smartphone screen.

8) Drop Stop Car Seat Gap, Filler

You’ve probably thought this if you have ever lost anything in the space between your front seat and the center console. Drop Stop has. The name of the Seat Gap Filler is clear. This innovative product will prevent future hand contortions, as well as skinning knuckles, due to lost change, keys, phones, pens or any other items that could fall into the no-man’s land between seat and center console.

9) CHGeek Phone Mount

A phone holder is a great way to make driving more enjoyable. Many mounts are available, but this CHGeek model is our favorite because it doubles up as a wireless charger.