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​It doesn’t matter if you’re new to sewing or dressmaking, or have been making your own clothes for some time, it’s always great to find new tools and gadgets to make your life easier. The shop stocks over 300 haberdashery notions and tools. Every so often, the g&g staff meet to test and review some of our products. It’s great fun because it allows staff to learn more about the products we sell. We can also share our new tips and tricks with customers! This post features the Needle Fairy and the cartridge pencil, magnetic seam gauge, aluminum seam gauge, and the tape and elastic threader.

You can see my latest YouTube video to check them out in action!

Needle Fairy

This little tool, also known as the needle wizard, threads your hand sewing machines for you. The tool comes with a small stand that has a spindle to hold a reel of yarn. You simply need to place your hand sewing needle in the needle supporter. It works with any size needle thick. Hold the thread between your thumb and index fingers. Then, use the other hand to press down on the white lever. The thread is pulled through the eye of your needle by a very small spoke. This leaves a small loop you can pull on to thread it. Place the thread into the groove. The needle will be threaded by pressing the lever down for a short time.

Magnetic Seam Gauge

It is important to keep a consistent seam allowance when sewing seams, especially for dressmaking projects. The magnetic seam gauge sticks to the metal plate of your machine so you can place it where you need it for any seam allowances in your pattern. This is a visual aid that helps you line up your raw edges. These are a great tool for beginners and we use them all the time in our sewing workshop.

Aluminum seam Gauge

The plastic version was used in our tool boxes, but it did melt and get deformed from the iron. The new aluminum version can withstand heat and steam, and it holds its shape much better. You can mark distances up to 5cm with the mm/cm marks. It can be used with a chalk pencil, or just to measure the length of a hem.

Cartridge chalk pencil marker

This pencil is perfect for marking lines and symbols on your fabric. You can click the top to release more lead. The Prym Love version includes 2 white leads. You can also buy replacement cartridges in pink, white and grey. The rubber at each end will erase the markings. However, it is a good idea to check the fabric on a scrap piece before applying the rubber as friction can cause the fabric to fluff up.

Elastic and Tape Threader

You might have found the safety pin method for feeding elastic through frustrating. I’ve seen them break, open, bend, and even crack. These threaders make it so much easier! These threaders come in three packs and can accommodate elastic of 6mm, 12mm, and 18mm. The serrated slots allow you to thread the elastic through. You can then use the rounded tip (or cord) to feed the elastic through the channel. This will reduce the risk of it twisting.