Ten Handy Gadgets For Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is either an essential part of your job or something that you do because you want to be away from the boring confines of your office. Along with your laptop and (most probably) your iPhone/Blackberry/[insert handheld here], there are many useful devices you can tag along with you to enhance your computing experience. Here are a few 10 cool gadgets to enhance your remote workspace.

1. LapStrap

LapStrap can be a great solution if you want to reduce bulk and get rid of your heavy, bulky laptop bag. The LapStrap attaches to your laptop via a simple shoulder strap. It solves awkward airport lines when you have to choose between your carry-on luggage and your laptop.

2. WiFi Finder Plus

It can be frustrating to search for WiFi connections. Kensington’s WiFi Locator Plus is a small (keychain size) solution. Just for fun, they include a flashlight. This saves you the time of turning on your computer or PDA to see if there is a nearby connection that you can use.

3. Blocker for USB Ports

Mobile workers are at risk of data theft and virus introduction. The USB Port Blocker stops data thieves from stealing your data and injecting malware into your computer. This handy device can be used to physically block entry points into your computer if you have to leave it unattended for a short time or if your work is so intense that you lose track of your surroundings.

4. Solio Solar Charger

You can charge up your gadgets and do good for the environment. The Solio Solar Charger can charge your devices using stored solar energy. It can be used with most portable handhelds, including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Fully charged, the Solio can charge up to two standard cell phones and can also charge as fast as wall chargers (depending on the manufacturer).

5. LinkStation Mini

Buffalo Technology’s LinkStation Mini is the world’s smallest network-attached web server. You can store any file, including music, videos, photos and documents, in one central location. The Web Access feature is easy to connect using a web browser. It doesn’t require any desktop applications to use.

6. IronKey

The IronKey USB flash drive is super secure and will protect your data from being stolen. An embedded Crypto chip protects the IronKey. You can surf the internet privately using IronKey’s Secure Session Service. Firefox is pre-installed so that you can use it from the IronKey. It is waterproof and can withstand wear and tear.

7. DiskGO USB Watch Drive

Edge Tech Corp developed the DiskGO U.S. watch drive. It is water-resistant and comes with password protection software. The classic style or the steel dress style can be chosen to match the occasion and your clothes. This is a great conversation piece! You can choose between 256MB or 1GB capacities.

8. Samsung Ultra Slim Mouse

Some people dislike the touchpad built into most laptops. The Samsung Ultra Slim Mouse is a great alternative. The mouse is only 8 millimeters thick, making it extremely portable. The mouse has left, right, back, forward, scrolling, and back clicks. This allows it to keep a simple but elegant design.

9. Canon Compact iP100 Mobile Printer

Do you rely on printing documents for your work? Perhaps you want to print a full-color photograph of yourself to remind someone you met at the coffee shop. The iP100 mobile printer can print in high resolution. It is the first mobile printer with a 9600×2400 dpi resolution. The printer can print fast; a full-color photo measuring 4×6 inches takes only 50 seconds.

10. RFID Security Mobile Device

A portable mass storage device can pose a security risk. It can be accessed even if it is lost or stolen. The E08 RFID Security Mobile Device adds a layer of protection for your data. This works by locking your hard disk, which can be unlocked using a key.