Gadgets Review

The Best Beauty Gadgets That Really Do Work

Beauty gadgets might have been overlooked by you and thought they were a fad. You might have thought beauty gadgets were a fad. The iPod changed how we listen to music, and the microwave revolutionized how we eat food. A well-chosen gadget can help make your life easier and give you results comparable to professional salons. There’s a gadget to help you reduce puffiness, improve your complexion, or treat a specific spot faster.

The Cheekbone Sculptor

This fascia-stimulating tool by skincare brand Pause, made of surgical steel, is FDA-cleared Class 1, medical device. Its angled shape cuts out your cheekbones as it glides along your face. This stimulates your skin’s fibroblasts, which are responsible to producing collagen. This will give you firmer skin by calming your nerves.

The Face Lifter

This handheld device, which uses electric pulses to stimulate the muscles, brings the popular Face Gym treatment right to your bathroom. The device doesn’t cause pain, but it does make your face feel twitchy and buzzy as it stimulates the muscle fibers. You can start with the lowest setting, then move up to medium and finally high. The device comes with an organic activator gel rich in aloe Vera to moisturize the skin and help it glide. In just 10 minutes, you will notice a tighter, more glowing complexion.

The Spot Healer

As proven treatments for acne, red and blue light have been used in facials for years. Blue light targets bacteria that causes blemishes. Red light targets the fibroblasts which boost microcirculation to reduce inflammation and redness. This device is smaller and better for small spots. The light is held over the blemish for two minutes and then used three times daily. This gadget is effective in preventing a small number of spots or blemishes from growing out of control. However, it can be frustrating for anyone with more severe acne.

Cleansing Booster

We are big fans of the Forego, as Birdie’s fans will be aware. It vibrates to remove dirt and make your skin feel smooth. You can use it with any gel or crème cleanser, and there are no parts that need to be replaced. This makes it ideal for low-maintenance girls who want to own a gadget. The Forego LUNA Play ($39) was our first choice. However, it is a small version that needs to be thrown away once the battery has died. We quickly returned to the original. The charger comes with it, but the full charge will give you approximately 300 cleans. You don’t need to plug it in very often.

Facial Faker

We agree that this device looks like a medieval torture device. However, those cogs are there in order to recreate the knuckling massage that facia lists give during treatments. It reduces tension and promotes the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to skin, which is essential for a youthful glow. It may not be the most expensive gadget, but it will still deliver impressive results.


These cleansing brushes are similar to an electric toothbrush for your skin, but they are not new. Darphin has updated the device. The brush head can be used for cleansing, and the other for applying your skincare products. The device comes with small metal nodules that allow you to work the product into your skin, smoothing your forehead, and shaping your jawline. The vibrations are very soothing.

The Face Tuner

This electric makeup sponge is my obsession. This sponge buffs liquid foundation onto skin to create a flawless complexion. This is a great tool for creating flawless makeup for special occasions.