Gadgets Review

Gadgets For Project Managers

The holiday season is getting closer and people start thinking about gifts. Project managers probably have a gift list and have even started to buy presents. These gadget ideas are great for those who are less organized in their personal lives than they are in their professional life.


There are many tablets on the market. There are many tablets available. Different applications are made by different manufacturers. You should choose one with a variety of apps. This is particularly important if your project management software includes online access. If you want to make or review mind maps on the go, such as mind mapping tool Drop-ins, this app would be a good choice. You may have to use an app for other products. Or they may be a little strange if you access them via a mobile site. You should also consider a tablet with 3G or WIFI (or both), depending on where it will be used. You should test out several models before you commit to one. They are quite expensive, so you won’t be able to change your mind once you have made the purchase.

Smart phones

Smart phones can do more than send and receive text messages. You can access your email, surf the internet and interact with Twitter, Facebook and other services through it. Smart phones often have cameras that allow you to take candid photos of your project team, such as the members of your project team working together, and use these images to illustrate your monthly reports or newsletters. I found that a smart phone was a huge step in my career. It also helped me to be more productive. There are many options available, so it is worth asking for recommendations. Also, consider the cost for data and calls, particularly if your company does not pay these costs. You should choose a network that offers good coverage. You should also consider the battery life. There is nothing worse than trying to make an important call but finding out you don’t have enough battery. Is anyone still using one of these gadgets? There are many other great products available.


An eReader is a fantastic gadget if you are a frequent traveler or simply prefer to read large books without carrying them around. It can be used to store your fourth edition of A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKr) Guide), or your PRINCE2 manual. You can also load it with Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Social Media For Project Managers, both books written by you.

MP3 player

While you could use this combination with your smartphone or tablet, some people prefer to have a device that is dedicated to audio and music files. An MP3 is great for professional development. It gives you instant access to any number project management podcasts. They can be listened to in your car, on your commute, at work or at home. You can also earn PDUs from some podcasts. This is a great way to quickly stock up on PDU credit, either at a low price or free. It was also useful when I switched industries. It was convenient to get information about the industry while I commuted. This is especially helpful if you’re moving into an industry that has a lot of jargon. You can find podcasts on any subject or industry. Search online or through a podcast directory until something suits you.