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5 Essential Tips For Cleaning Your Gadgets

I hate dirty dishes. Dirty dishes, I hate them. Dirty laundry? Aww. Are dirty politicians common? Clean politicians? But there is some dirt can clean up and there are no excuses for it. Cleaning electronics that are dirty is another matter. Cleaning your TVs, smartphones and tablets can be a difficult task. Cleaning out something you have spent a lot of money on is important. I also hate prepositions and dirty sentences. It’s not difficult to clean your electronics. It’s like going into a polling booth. You feel nervous but you are confident you are making the right decision. Humph. It must be an election year. It doesn’t have be like this. Cleaning electronics is not about voting. There are some life hacks that you can use to organize and clean your electronics.

Silica gel packs

These items are as common as sneaky politicians. They can be found in shoes and electronic shipping containers. You also find them in clothes. This is silica gel packs. Not politicians. Silica gel desiccant, a substance that has a micro-porous structure and absorbs moisture, especially humidity, is called. It can be found almost anywhere moisture could cause problems, such as shoes that are kept in an enclosed container. It can be used to protect electronics that have been stored for a long time from moisture. In the boxes where I keep old hard drives, I use silica gel packets. This provides an extra level of security I find comforting. It can be used to protect precious items such as photographs and camera equipment from moisture.

Cords made from bread ties

This is what I thought when I saw it once. Number one, who keeps these little squares out of their bread loaves. Number two: How do you get different colored ones? Stop whining, and go check them out. You might want them in different colors so they can be coordinated with certain cords. Use a marker to color them. You don’t have enough? These ties can be found on bread loaves, vegetable bags, and wrapped electronics. These ties can be labeled and attached to your cords. You’ll soon find out what I have: I eat way more bread than I should. It’s also a lifesaver to label cords, especially when you need to move computer peripherals (like my router), around without losing which one went where.

To clean your keyboards, use Post-Its (r) and erasers

You want to hear something completely different? Some people believe that your keyboard is cleaned by putting it in the dishwasher. These same people also wait for the mother ship. Any electronic that is placed in a dishwasher will result in disaster. Although it might work, if you have a high-end keyboard, why would water and electricity be mixed? Are you sure that Tom and Jerry cartoons taught you nothing? This is a safer option. There are two options: you can use compressed air (CAUTION: please read the warning below), or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (for lighter-colored keyboards). However, even that comes with the possibility of damaging your keys. There are two great hacks I love: Use the sticky edge of a Posit(r) to reach between your keys and remove any unwanted detritus such as hair, seeds, or powder spills from your morning bagel. To remove stubborn dirt, you can use the eraser at the end of a pencil. But, be sure to wash the shavings off with the Post-It(r).

Uncooked rice can be used to save your wet phone

This is a relatively recent technology that is thought to be a lifesaver. It doesn’t work, shocking! Well, it doesn’t work effectively. It all depends on what type of phone you have and what kind of rice you use. Android phones fare better than iPhones, but they don’t do as well as Android phones. A lot also depends on how the housing is constructed. In the event that your phone is accidentally submerged in water, remove the casing and battery, then air it out. Finally, pack the phone into a small container containing packets of silica gel. This is the best way to go. Instant couscous, or instant rice is second on the list. This is faster and better than regular uncooked white Rice. It will take some time for the liquid to absorb.

Air is human

People love compressed air. The cans of compressed air with the straw-like nozzle that blows air at high pressure are well-known. You know, like your local politician? It is great for cleaning dust off your keyboard and from the inside of your computer chassis. It can also be used to clean out your laptop’s vents, which can collect dust in large enough amounts that they pose a fire hazard and safety hazard. Why not go crazy with compressed air?

There are a few reasons. Number one, compressed air is not good for cleaning. It’s best for moving dirt and dust around. If you blow out your 10-year-old computer chassis you will end up with dusty rooms that eventually return to the chassis. The contents of compressed air cans can be flammable and can cause small spark fires if exposed to heat sources. Inhaled chemicals can be extremely toxic. Is it worth having a clean keyboard? I don’t think so.