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The 15 Best Smart Home Gadgets You Need

Smart home products make your life easier, whether you ask Alexa or Google for the best smart bulbs or Apple’s Siri for the smartest plug to turn off your TV. When you are thinking about your resolutions, simplifying your daily life with our top-rated smart home products should be on your list. Smart assistants aside, you can also control smart home products using the companion app on compatible smartphones and tablets. It’s that simple. These products have been put through the test–testing their functionality. These are the best 15 smart products you’ll find to make the most enjoyable year yet.

1. This robot vacuum is our favorite so you don’t have to clean

It has great suction, comparable to a regular vacuum. And it can be used with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s also one less thing you need to worry about.

2. These are our top smart bulbs that you can use to turn on or off the lights from anywhere.

Only problem is that the Hue bulbs require a hub to function, unlike other smart bulbs. Are you new to smart bulbs? The Philips Hue White Smart Light Bulbs and Color Ambiance Starter Kits are great options for beginners. These bulbs are simple to set up and come with a comprehensive suite of features. They also integrate with an intuitive app and work with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Assistant. These smart bulbs are undoubtedly the best for making your life easier.

3. Our favorite outdoor smart plug so you can automate your outdoor decor

The indicator lights on the outlets allow us to see at a glance if they are turning on. Although an outdoor smart plug may seem excessive, if you have string lights or other outdoor lighting that needs power, you will appreciate the fact that your favorite outdoor smart plug can be controlled through an app. It can withstand the elements and has two plugs that can be used independently.

4. These are our top-rated in-wall dimmers so that you can turn the lights on before you arrive home

Instead of turning on and off immediately like regular light switches, these dimmers fade on/off. The best thing about the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart lighting Starter Kit is the ability to automatically adjust the lights as the seasons change. This means you won’t return home to a dark house when you get home from work. Lutron’s smart dimmer is the only one that does not require a neutral line. This is a rare feature in older homes’ electrical wiring. This switch works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

5. This is our favorite smart speaker, so all your questions can be answered

The perfect combination of affordability and versatility is the third-generation Echo. The Echo (third generation), our favorite Echo speaker, is the perfect way to start the year. Alexa-enabled devices can help you track your schedule, check the weather and get commute times. You can also read headlines and play music.

6. We love our smart leak detectors so that you can save money on home repairs

The Honeywell Lyric is a reliable and easy-to-use leak detector that can be used even when submerged in water. Homeowners can be seriously affected by leaky pipes. The Honeywell Lyric WiFi Water leak and freeze detector is our top pick. Easy setup is possible using WiFi, the detector doesn’t require a hub and can last for up to three years with AA batteries.

7. Our favorite outdoor camera to keep an ear on your home when you’re not there

With 1080p recording quality and great night vision, the video is undoubtedly the best smart security camera. Google Nest Cam is our favorite outdoor smart security camera. It can be used to monitor what’s going on at home, even when you’re not there. The camera can distinguish between pets and people, record clips and store them to the cloud.

8. This smart indoor camera is our favorite so you can keep an eye on your dog throughout the day

What does your dog do while you are away? The Logitech circle 2 indoor smart security camera allows you to check in on your best friend, your dog. Logitech Circle 2 is our favorite because of its wire-free convenience, easy setup, and 24-hour free cloud storage. We also love its well-designed app, which features the clever Daily Brief feature, which creates a collage of the day’s events. It can be used with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

9. Our top smart switch to turn off lights in bed

It is responsive and compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can control your lights from anywhere in the house using our smart in-wall switches, much like smart bulbs or smart dimmers. This set can be used with Alexa and Google. If you want to make it appear that you are at home, such as turning on the lights at specific times or turning off the lights at certain times, a smart switch can be a great idea.

10. Our top smart plug to turn off your TV from faraway

Although the plug can track energy consumption and help you estimate how much your device will increase your electricity bill, it does not provide real-time monitoring like the more expensive models we tried. It can be difficult to remember to turn off the TV and unplug hair tools such as curlers, when you are in a hurry. These gadgets shouldn’t be left on when you aren’t there. The EufyHome app allows you to turn off any plug-in device from anywhere with our smart plug. The plug can also be used to monitor energy, schedule routines and integrate seamlessly with Alexa or Google Assistant.

11. Our top-rated smart thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature right from your bed

The Sensi Touch was tested with Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Each one updated the thermostat and app instantly. It’s sometimes the little things that really make a difference. For example, being able turn on the heat in the winter or to adjust the air conditioner while on vacation. Emerson Sense Touch WIFI Thermostat is our favorite smart thermostat. Honeywell and Nest are two of the most well-known smart thermostat brands. However, the Emerson Sensi Touch WIFI Thermostat was the easiest to install, had an easy app and functions across multiple “smart assistants”.

12. This is our favorite smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector for keeping your family safe

The Nest Protect is easy to set up in just five minutes. It also asks for your detector location and preferences for night lights. It’s a great time to inspect your smoke and carbon Monoxide detectors, and then replace them with the Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The detector sends push notifications to notify you when it detects carbon monoxide or smoke. It also offers voice alerts which can be helpful in an emergency. For example, the alarm can alert you if there is smoke in your hallway.

13. Our favorite smart door lock so you can ditch your keys

The Schlage Encode smart lock is solid and easy to use. Are you tired of carrying around heavy keys in your purse or pocket? The best smart lock is the one that can eliminate the need for keys and prevents you from being locked out of your house. The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt can store up to 100 passcodes that can be used for each person. It also works with Alexa or Google Assistant.

14. This is our favorite smart sprinkler controller, so you can have beautiful lawn

We are currently recommending the second-generation Rachio 3 Smart sprinkler controller because it is easy to use and doesn’t require any special tools to set up. We love the second-generation Rachio 3 Smart sprinkler Controller. It offers many easy options and is simple to install. You can set a watering schedule and the sprinkler has a Weather Intelligence feature which allows it to skip a session when there is excessive wind or rain. It can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri.

15. This smart doorbell will let you know when a package is delivered.

Google Nest Hello is a simple-to-use doorbell. It can recognize familiar faces and send immediate alerts over WiFi and data. We never lost our connection while testing it. The Google Nest Hello Smart WiFi video doorbell is our top choice for smart doorbells. It delivers alerts immediately from either WiFi at home or mobile data while you’re on the move. The doorbell has the highest audio and video quality, as well as facial recognition for familiar faces and package delivery notifications.